Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Those who are close with me know well that I love to collect cherub statues, definitely nobody would deny how cute they look, it's kinda nice to have them around home.  

But, there's a reason why I began to collect baby angel statues in my late teenage days.

I believe in angels, because I have many angels in my life, and I have experienced them in many forms throughout my life, of course, in the form of humans. 

There's a cupid in my life, a cute cupid that stole my heart, completed my life, and became my other half whom made my life even more beautiful and healed me with his unconditional love.

Then there are few other wingless angels that came into my life, made me understand about the true meaning of friendship, and became best friends for life.

And some, in the times of hardship, took over my late mother's place in my life, and became my fairy godmothers.

I know many angels, and I am truly thankful to have them in my life  : )

Friday, 10 November 2017

Lovely Peach

Had been planning to get few sexy underwears for Bee, but I never had any idea of a shop that sells them in KL, because most of my rainbow friends told me that they only get sexy type of undies online or overseas. Somehow one day while browsing the net, I managed to locate one shop in Damansara that sells the sexy stuffs. What really surprised me was the location of the shop at a shopping mall that me and Bee frequently visit. Never knew there's a sexy underwear shop there.

So without Bee's knowledge, quietly went to this place since I wanted to surprise him, greeted by the shop owner who's obviously a rainbow, funny part, while going through the sexy undies there, the fella kept asking me if I'm sure of getting a size XS, instead of S, and I went like "I know the size very well because he's my guy". The shop owner just giggled, haha !!

Finally bought one jockstrap, and another mesh type brief ( basically a thin net covering Bee's round juicy butt, yummy !! ).  The price was reasonable although both were imported stuff from Aussie, plus the material was really good, so it's worth the purchase, plus there were other normal undies for sale with discounts as well.

 Waited for Bee to come back home from work, and surprised him. He loved them, and quickly wore them to show me. MY GOSH, that mesh type brief seriously made Bee even sexier, and his juicy ass covered with that net really made me go  :p ~~~~~~~  *drool*

Bee told me the jockstrap is really comfortable, and I noticed that as well, the elastic band section that's supposed to hold his cute peach wasn't tight, but just nice enough to wrap it gently. There's one thing which wasn't spacey enough for him, the front pouch was a bit tight for his huge rod, so I guess I would get a size S for him next time.

Overall, I was happy, Bee looked lovely in both sexy underwears, and most importantly, his lovely peach deserves them  <3

Can't wait to get more sexy stuffs for him, hehehe.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Bee has been very wild lately.

He injured my banana two weeks ago before he went on a company trip overseas.

It wasn't serious, but kinda hurts whenever I tried to pull back my foreskin.

Since then, I have decided to be a "monk" for two weeks, of course, refraining from making love to him, not DIY ( i can't remember when was the last time i "TFK" ) BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE !! Don't blame me lah, my guy seriously makes me horny, it's highly impossible to be a "monk" for two weeks.

Somehow Vaseline gel helped to heal the injured part quickly, but I noticed that my banana's foreskin has become tight, and I don't feel comfortable whenever I pull it back to poke Bee's butt, it's been really annoying.

Afraid to go and see the doctor.

I mean, what if the doctor ask me to cut my banana ?

I don't want to end up doing that procedure

Hmmm, or perhaps I should opt for a partial circumcision ?

Friday, 27 October 2017

Char Siew Bao


Thursday, 26 October 2017


Slowly I pushed it in.

"Go slower", Bee's expression wasn't good.

I knew this was going to hurt him.

As I tried to enter further, I realized his "inner chamber" was tightly gripping the head of my rod.

Bee screamed in pain.

I slowly pulled out, and leaned over to kiss him.

"Sorry", I whispered on his ear.

Bee never gave up, he wanted my rod to go inside him.

Then we continued to make love that morning.

This wasn't the first time, as far as I could remember, I think this was the second time I hurt him, the first time was last year, when we didn't do much foreplay, and I tried to penetrate him, ending up hurting him, and it traumatized me. I mean, I love him, so seeing him in pain doesn't really make me happy. 

Some young gay guys who haven't had sex think that gay sex is exactly the same as gay porn, they think you just slide it in, or you just show your ass to the guy who's gonna poke you, and the action begins on the spot, but nope, ain't as easy as that, it requires lots of patience and lots of love to enjoy it fully.

Some think being a top is very easy, nooooooooooooo, that ain't true, if you wanna be a good top, here are my tips, make love without thinking about your own satisfaction, let it be an unconditional love, let the bottom be happy and feel loved, please don't ever treat them like a sex toy, they have feelings too, and it's your duty to make every moment enjoyable for them, and last but not the least, don't just leave them after you had your orgasm, continue satisfying them by blowing their rod, and have pillow talks afterwards, tell them sweet things that would make them happy, don't just fall asleep after you're done, please don't be selfish !!

Bee's boihole is super tight, so that's the reason I prefer to make love at night, when he's relaxed, and we have plenty of time for foreplay, plus I can really eat his lovely ass till he's ready for me to poke him, and I love to kiss all over his body, like what Bee once said, he enjoys my "saliva" therapy, and of course, stimulating his other sensitive spots that would make him moan in ecstasy. 

And honestly, I don't fully enjoy our morning sessions, one of the reason is, Bee doesn't like to kiss in the morning, even after I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, he would still hesitate to kiss, claiming he got bad breath when in reality, his breath doesn't smell bad in the morning. Then we won't really do much foreplay in the morning, therefore, Bee's magical orifice would still be super tight. Sometimes, I guess he's just afraid that I might think he's smelly etc, he even claims he's smelly when he comes back from office, but the truth is, he isn't, he doesn't have bad body odor issue, and his sweat smells sweet to be honest. 

But no matter what, he will always give me a memorable naughty session.

There's nothing like having sex with someone you truly love, that feeling, the connection, how your eyes enjoy every inch of their body, how they free themselves up to you, how they leave all their insecurities behind knowing they are able to be fully themselves in front of you. The moaning that lets you know that they're truly enjoying it, and the intense orgasm you get is one of a kind, knowing you are releasing your seed into someone your heart and soul belongs to.

It's simply beautiful.

Yes, it's tight, but only he knows how to give me a mind blowing orgasm, and only he can satisfy my soul and fill my heart with love  

There's only one you, and I love you more and more as days pass  <3

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bee's Little Garden

Since we moved into our new home 5 months back, I've decided to create a little garden for Bee within the balcony of our condominium. Lots of hard work with plenty of patience and love, wasn't easy in the beginning as I had to carry plants and pots from the car park to our home, but it was worth it, especially when I see that smile on Bee's face. He's happy of course, and lately there's been lots of flowers in Bee's little garden that we use them for prayers at home. Not only that, the little garden is also a place for the butterflies and bees to hang out, and both of us would sit down near the balcony almost every single day to spend time "observing" the little garden and its tiny inhabitants  :)

a perfect spot for both of us to relax in the evening while enjoying a cup of tea, and an ideal place for reading as well  :)

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Beautiful Stalker

"You did TESL just to write erotic stories izzit ?" 
 ~ blushing Bee ~

Bee used to be a blogger, but he stopped years back, and I never really thought he would actually read my blog posts, since he's more into other social media sites, but I was soooo wrong, looks like he was occasionally "stalking" my blog.

We were cuddling and watching Youtube videos together with my phone, when Bee suddenly took his phone and did something....

Bee : OMG
Me : ???
Bee : OMG so detailed !!
Me : what la ?
Bee : I'm getting a hard on now...
Me : ..........

Looked at the screen of his phone, and realized something was familiar.

This blog......

Then the other day while we were waiting for our dinner at Absolute Thai, Sunway Putra Mall.

Bee was checking his phone, and all of a sudden he was blushing, he looked at me and giggled.

Me : apa ?
Bee : dat ass is da best *giggling*
Me : * thinking why that sentence sounds so familiar*

Stalking my blog again !! XD

But it's cute, hahaha, besides he's the one who's "indirectly" inspiring me to post more erotic stuffs on this blog, and I don't really mind if he reads them, like I always tell him, he always does cute stuffs, and it makes me happy to know that my blog has a cute stalker  :p

notti boy, bear bear love you always <3

that's my cute stalker <3


Last week, I had some things to settle at Menara Maybank, so had to leave home early, and couldn't have breakfast together with Bee, but managed to brew and prepare a flask of coffee for him to bring to his office.

While getting into the car, received a message from Bee...

Bee : hug hug

So I replied...

Me : sorry couldn't have breakfast together, baby don't stress at work, bear bear love you,
        hug hug <3

After a while, reply came...

Bee : i will punish you tonight *smiley devil emoji*

You wanna punish me eh ? Let's see who will punish who !! XD

that's a good boy, show me dat lovely ass * bite bite * <3

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dark Darker

Bee bought back few mooncakes from his office, and decided to have them as our breakfast the next morning.

While having breakfast....

Me : looks dark like my dick la...
Bee : *speechless*

After a while....

Bee : actually this is darker *giggles*
Me :.................

oh well, only he knows how my dick looks anyway  ;p

Bee's Bear Bear

this brown bear belongs to a cute bee 

Yes, I'm an Indian, and my guy is a Chinese... few racist scumbags have left bad comments after they got to know about us through Instagram ( heck, I should be careful on approving follow requests next time ), but hey, haters can go f**k themselves  ;)

Monday, 9 October 2017


~~sex isn't a mere physical act, it's spiritual, the unification of two souls deeply in love ~

"How did you feel ?", Bee asked while we were cuddling after we made love that night.

It's indescribable.

It's magical, it's beautiful, I don't know how to describe it, but it was so intimate, that I felt as if we were one.

Was I focused on my satisfaction alone ? I didn't, despite the pleasure of pulling my rod in and out of your tight boi hole, I didn't ram your ass to heighten my orgasm, I was rather, focused on you.

I kissed you as I poked you slowly and passionately, and felt how your tight boi hole gripped my rod, and how the depth's of your boi hole massaged the sensitive parts of my rod that wasn't covered with foreskin.

It was a challenge, as your tight orifice was threatening to let my dark brown rod shoot its sweet milk inside you, but I controlled myself, as I wanted you to enjoy longer.

I whispered words of love to you that came from my heart.

"I love you"  "Nobody could ever replace you" "You're lovely" "You're my everything"

I looked into your eyes, focused on your moaning, despite you being naughty and used the word "fuck me" throughout my journey to discover your tight orifice with my rod.

The feeling, of how ecstatic your expression was, filled my soul with happiness, and your loud moaning satisfied my soul's desire to make you feel loved.

And then came the moment.

I pulled your thighs towards my groin, pushed my rod deeper within you, and released all of the sweet milk I was holding for you.

Your face said it all, the satisfaction on your expression.

"You shoot a lot inside me", you told me with a smile before shyfully turning to the other side and allowing me to hug you from the back.

One moment you can be so wild and naughty, and the other moment I can see the innocence within you, and it can be very cute when you do that.

Yes it's true, nobody can replace you, for there's only one you, and I love you more than you will ever know.

Thank you for another orgasm that felt like an eternity, although I love you deeply beyond body and sex, but your ass is da best  <3

Thursday, 5 October 2017


~  one of the underwear I bought for him ~

Conversation while having dinner with our friend...

Bee : You know, ever since we got together, I don't shop for underwear anymore, Arvind keeps on buying underwear for me.
Friend : Good lah, cannot meh ? 
Bee : But he gets me soo many underwears !!
Me : Why don't you tell him about the jockstraps I got for you as well  *wink*
Bee :...............

Too many ? Maybe, but don't blame me, every time I enter Private Structure at Bangsar Village, or even the time I went to Calvin Klein underwear store in Hong Kong, my mind was continuously imagining your sexy ass with those underwears on display. 

Don't blame me !! You got a nice round sexy ass, and I will keep on getting sexy underwears for you !! LOL

One night while cuddling...

Bee : Bear bear, I want to confess something...
Me : whhaaaaaaaatttttt * whisper on his ears*
Bee : Whenever I am wearing the underwear you bought for me, I always imagine your hands on my ass, or my rod...
Me : notti boy *kiss kiss kiss* bite bite bite *

dat ass, is da best <3

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Happy Mooncake Festival

Yay !! It's the time of the year again, to eat yummy mooncakes, and to light up beautiful Chinese lanterns. This year is definitely a special one for me since both of us are staying together now, so bought few mooncakes to eat together, and I surprised Bee with a minion lantern. 

It was fun lighting up lanterns together in our home's balcony amidst the little garden I've created for Bee, and it was also nice to watch the neighbourhood kids walking around while holding lanterns at night. Plus the KL area we stay is densely populated with Chinese, so it's very much obvious that everyone's eagerly preparing for this festival, there are plenty of stalls set up by the roadside selling lanterns, the traditional ones, as well as the electronic fancy ones, and the shopping complexes were full with mooncake booths, some were cheap, some were super pricey, imagine one mooncake that costs RM60 !! And of course, our favourite place to hang out, Publika, which is super nearby to our place, was also nicely decorated with lanterns.

 So yeah, happy mooncake festival to all readers out there !! Hope you guys had a good one as well :)

Sunday, 24 September 2017


"Bear bear can massage me later ?", Bee asked.
"Okay, baby go mandi first, then after bear bear mandi, I will massage baby", I smiled and gave him a kiss on his neck.

He got up and walked to the bathroom in our bedroom to shower. Minutes later, he came out of the room, wrapped in a towel, and the fragrance of L’Erbolario's blood orange shower gel filled the air. 

Told him to rest on the bed first before going into the bathroom, not knowing the surprise that awaits me later. When I got out of the bathroom, I saw Bee wrapped himself with the blanket on the bed, smiling at me.

I got on the bed, went beside him, he looked at me, his eyes told me what he really wants, and we began to kiss slowly as my hands went inside the blanket to uncover him, then as I rubbed my hands against his back and went down slowly to feel his ass, I was surprised.

He was wearing the jockstrap.

"I want to satisfy you tonight", he whispered into my ears.

"Notti boy", I whispered back into his ears, and began to kiss him passionately all over his body, kiss by kiss, bite by bite, from his neck, and down towards his lovely round ass, those firm smooth round peaches and his pink boi hole were devoured by me.

His loud moaning in ecstasy gave me an eargasm, and my rod was already rock hard.

"Will you give me something I want inside my mouth", he asked.

"The night is still young, let's play a little longer, then you can have my sweet milk"

Thank you for the surprise last night, for the wild moments, and yet another best orgasm which you gave me, it lasted and felt like an eternity shooting my sweet milk inside you.

Your ass is da best, love you always  <3

Saturday, 23 September 2017

30 Minutes

Bee asked me if I could wake him up early the next morning, as he had to complete some work related stuff at home before going to the office. Woke him up at 5.30am the next day, and after the usual morning 5 kisses ritual, went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for both of us. Bee started to do his office work on the dining table while I sat on the sofa reading a novel. 

Suddenly at 6.45am, Bee came and sat beside me, leaned on me and kissed me, then got up, walked towards our bedroom, and "signalled" me to follow him into the bedroom.

"Why ?", I asked as I was still blur.

"Bear bear come faster", Bee said.

Stood up, and walked into the bedroom. Bee quickly closed the door, pushed me on the bed, and got on top of me and started to kiss me wildly. His hands went into my shorts, reaching for my already hard rod.

"Bee, you need to leave home to go to work at 7.15am", I tried to remind him, but he never listened.

There was only 30 minutes.

Couple Seat

What I love the most when it comes to watching movies at the theatre with Bee ? The couple seat of course, the experience is totally different, and yes, I gotta admit I don't really concentrate on the movie often, my eyes would slowly drift away from the screen towards Bee, and I would just stare at him, smiling, pulling him closer towards me, enjoying the warmth of his body in the cold theatre, and he would often feed me pop corns while leaning on me throughout the movie. Luckily for us, we don't get any unwanted stares from others in the theatre, despite being an interracial gay couple. People in some part of KL got used with the LGBT community's presence that they treat us normal like any other straight couples, and we have even come across few other gay couples on the couple seats next to us while watching movie. 

so tell me, what do you like most about movie dates ?

Friday, 15 September 2017

Happy 2nd

happy 2nd anniversary my love,
life wouldn't be as beautiful as it is without you,
you're truly irreplaceable,
thank you,
for your love,
for all those caring thoughts and actions,
for all the intimate moments,
for loving me just the way i am,
for being yourself,
for the kisses, hugs, and naughty moments,
for all the sweet words you have whispered onto my ears,
for not giving up on me,
for being there no matter how difficult the times were,
for many more beautiful experiences that words could never describe...

i love you more and more each day  <3

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Made an important decision to move to KL and leave Seremban for good, as I needed a fresh start after all that I've been through, besides, it was my dad's last wish as well, for me to sell the house in Seremban, and start a new life together with Bee in KL.

It's the best decision I've ever made in my life.

Home isn't a building or a place, for me, it's where my heart is, so wherever Bee goes, we will be together now.

Been months now, staying together with Bee, in our little cozy home in KL, and it's like a dream come true.

So much happiness for both of us now, more hugs, more kisses, more cuddles, and of course, more hot sex !!  XD

So yeah, besides that, there's plenty of yummy food around us, since our home is strategically located at the Chinese food hotspot in KL, and we are meeting our rainbow friends often, and the best part, both of us have joined the nearby gym to workout together !! :)

may the angels bless our home <3

our kids, haha, these are all the plushies i've bought for Bee

i've started gardening although we are staying in a condominium, plus there a big balcony, so yeah, why miss the opportunity to create a little garden for Bee, besides, he loves gardening as well   :)

will update more soon !! 

Friday, 14 July 2017

4 Journeys Across The Ocean

After the funeral was done, and the 16th day prayers was completed for dad, I have decided to travel to few places to clear off my mind from all the painful moments I went through, 2016 was really a challenging year for me, if it wasn't for Bee, or my close friends Hemaa, and Athena, I would have definitely crumbled from all the stress I went through. It all happened too fast, from the day dad got diagnosed with cancer, to the day he left the world, that 6 months was the darkest period of my life, and being by his side for 4 months at the hospital, seeing death for almost everyday at the ward, it drained me completely, but I was grateful that despite everything, I managed to spend a lot of time with dad, talking to him, ensuring he was comfortable while he spent his last days in this world. I would never forget the doctors and the nurses who were really helpful, as well as dad's friends and ex colleagues who constantly visited him at the hospital.

That morning a white butterfly entered the house, and I knew the time has come, carried him for the one last time, held his hand, told him not to worry, he smiled at me, and he left that morning at 7.20. Tears fell, but I didn't grieve for long as I knew I had to prepare for the funeral. First person I called was Bee, then Hemaa and the rest of my friends as well as my dad's friends.

The funeral was a simple one,as per dad's request, Bee came in the afternoon to do his part, we both did the first ceremony together in front of the casket, and offered our prayers. The priest came the next day to do the required prayers and everything ended well at the crematorium. Dad's ashes was scattered in the ocean on the third day, and prayers were observed at the house till the 16th day, where for the final prayers, Hemaa came all the way from Kuching to help and we really had a good time with few of my crazy relatives, I was really thankful for her presence.

And so, after everything was settled, I've started to plan for my holidays, and did all the bookings online.


My first destination was Kuching, since Bee would be busy with his family for Chinese New Year, I've decided to spend my time with Hemaa, and despite the monsoon season, we really had a good time, lots of sight seeing, and good delicious Sarawakian food. 

The famous cat 

The cakes here are simply superb !!

wherever I go, I take you in my heart  <3

Hemaa wearing a traditional Chinese attire, doesn't she look pretty !! :D

Me & Hemaa will never forget this pillar after visiting the local museum, bwahahahaha !! XD

Hong Kong

Second destination was Hong Kong, tried Malindo's Business class and it was better than MAS as Malindo was using newer air craft.

Hong Kong's MTR is super efficient !!

best place to stay in Hong Kong would be Sheung Wan, the MTR station as well as
the tram station is nearby, plus all the famous food places are nearby 


Blessings at Man Mo temple

The Big Buddha !!

soup here super sedap !!

Kowloon Park

Indonesian mak cik selling cucur and nasi lauk outside Kowloon Mosque, 
cucur was sedap !!

Bruce Lee mama !! XD

apart from their delicious milk tea, I got to know that their dairy products taste 
awesome as well 

Chi Lin Nunnery, a beautiful monastery, peaceful and quiet.

Chi Lin Monastery's Garden

amulets sold outside Wong Tai Sin temple.

offered prayers at Wong Tai Sin temple and bought two amulets for Bee and myself

pity this guy, everyone molest him for luck

Master Wong Tai Sin's shrine

Hong Kong's street food is super sedap !! XD

didn't go inside, just took picture, i mean, for what lah ?
 already got Bee to do the notti things !! XD


food in Hong Kong is super sedap !!

wherever I go, I bring my baby in my heart, 

made it myself @ Cheung Chau Island

mango with tau foo faaaaaaaaaaaa !!! SEDAP 

well, worked for WWF before, so I've decided to visit their centre  :)

lovely park amidst the bustling city

finally met the HSBC lion  :D

Kuma Ramen @ Sheung Wan, the broth of the ramen was mouthgasmic !!

biskut bini, sangat sedap !!


Went to Bangkok with close friend, blogger Tze, and this time we decided to take MAS Business Class, although the air craft was old, their service was exceptionally good, including the meals served.

our dinner there after check in, McD's burger babi was sedap

some people need stimulation

Erawan's shrine

thin crepe filled with thick coconut milk and caramelized carrot, yum!!

a humble reminder

pad thai at Siam Paragon, yum yum...

Tze ordered this...

and he ordered this...

a cute monyet, since Bee was born in the year of monkey  : )

Rilakkumaaaa !!!!! :O

OMG !!!!

they even sell dress for teddy bears :/ 

sinfully unhealthy yet heavenly delicious 

time for some cocktail

monks are respected here

this lady's coconut ice cream was mouth watering :p~~~~


Bear Bear <3 Baby Bee

at Lumbini Park

i wish they would import this drink to Malaysia

fooooooooddddddd !!! 


Decided to join Hemaa and her friends from Kuching on this next trip to Yogyakarta, took Garuda Indonesia's Business Class connecting flight via Jakarta, their service and food was good.

Jakarta International Airport was beautiful AF

tried the iconic Indonesian drink, it was too bitter  ~_~


selfie with adik kecik, Hemaa  XD

rainbow heart at Bukit Mojo

ooooo udang sedap !!

i will never forget this place...

gondola ride to the little island @ Pantai Timang

that wave tho :/

lovely sunset

nenek jual kuih sedap...

street food, yum yum !!

people who love spicy food should never ever try nasi gudeg,
it was zzzzzzzzz....sweet and bluek....

candi Ratu Boko

unforgettable yummy roti bakar neaby hotel...soo sedap !! 

the chicken church

sedap sedap !!

 Candi Borobudur

wefie with the gang !! XD

soda gembira...

their gado gado was super sedap !!

Candi Prambanan, the earthquake literally destroyed everything


their kuey teow tastes like egg noodles and looks like spaghetti, even
Bee thought it was fried spaghetti

Mount Merapi, the deadly beauty...

hehehe : )

Kilang Bakpia, their bakpia is yummy !!

view of Mount Merapi from my flight 

that's all for now :)