Sunday, 20 December 2015

What Is Happiness ?

What is happiness ?
Loving you...
Keeping you in my heart...
Missing you...
Thinking about you...
Praying for you...
Looking at your pictures...
Saying your name when I'm alone...
Closing my eyes and imagining you...
Hugging you...
Cuddling with you...
Holding your hands...
Pampering you like a baby...
Filling your heart with love...
Uplifting your soul when you feel down...
Being there for you...
Your smile...
Your beautiful eyes...
Pinching your cute nose...
Kissing you...
Running my fingers through your hair...
Sharing food with you...
Gazing at you...
Feeling the warmth of your body...
Feeling that soft baby skin of yours...
Looking into your eyes...
Remembering the sweet moments...
Cute things you say...
Naughty things you tell me...
Naughty moments...
How you "merajuk", get angry with me, and quickly forgive me...
Calling you with special nicknames...
How you care about me...
Knowing how lovely you're...
Knowing how lucky I'm...

You make me happy in many ways,
but most importantly,
you're my happiness,
you gave meaning to my life..

Thank you for everything,
love you always...

Saturday, 19 December 2015

That Feeling

My fingers felt your soft hair, as we kissed, our tongues touched, the taste of your saliva, then I looked into your beautiful eyes, and whispered words of love, bite your ears softly, kissed your neck, went down, licked your nipples, brushed my beard on your chest, and your tummy, you moaned, then moved up and we kissed again.

My hands slowly went down, touched your balls, then your huge rod, you gave a naughty smile, I went down, licked your balls, then played with your huge rod, in and out it went inside my mouth, the taste of your precum, my tongue played along, my fingers slowly making way into your tight hole, you moaned, and it was a sweet sound to my ears, I felt happy, knowing that you're enjoying it.

Slowly I went down, and licked your hole, I could see the ecstatic feeling you're experiencing, I wanted to satisfy you, before I do it.

I looked into your eyes, I smiled, my chocolate rod was rock hard. We kissed as I slowly entered your tight hole, you moaned, your hands grabbed my butt.

"I love you", whispered into your ears, as I pushed slowly, enjoying every moment, knowing I have to be slow for my baby bunny to enjoy.

In and out it went, the feeling was....Maybe this is why the heavenly beings envied humans ? For they couldn't get the same sexual pleasure humans experience ? I don't know.

Then I woke up, it was 3.30 in the morning.

Just a wet dream, but I smiled as I grabbed my chocolate rod, remembering the sweet memories, and continued to satisfy myself, thinking about you.

The sweet memories of making love with a lovely boy, a boy so lovely, that even the angels would envy him, for his boyish charming looks.

First,I fell in love with your beautiful heart, and then I fell in love with your beautiful eyes, and that heart melting smile, and finally, I fell in love again with your lovely body.

That feeling...

" the madness of love is the greatest of heavenly blessing " ~ Plato ~

Saturday, 10 October 2015

A New Chapter Begins


a new chapter begins in my life,
awesome job,
good salary,
great company,
a cozy place to live,
wonderful housemates,
the freedom to live on my own,
and most importantly,

knowing that i am very near to you...

my heart is happy,
life is indeed beautiful..

thank you God, thank you for everything...

You're My Lucky Star

Dear Bunny,

     Since you came into my life, a lot of good things had been happening to me. You're truly my lucky star.

      I love you  <3  *pinch your nose*

Yours only,
Bear Bear

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Thousand Kisses

a thousand kisses i wish to give you,
each to remind you how lovely you're,
each to remind me how lucky i am,
each to thank Him for bringing you into my life,
each an ode to love that's divine,
each to create sweet moments together...

i love you..

~ a.r.k ~

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Heaven Is...Being With You...

Dear Munchkin,

You said let's see who will go up first, and I told you that I wish to leave this world before you do, because life wouldn't be the same if you're not around.

I wish I could gaze into your beautiful eyes for the rest of my life, so please don't leave me alone and go up first. 

Life might be beautiful when I live it for myself, but you make it a paradise by being there in my life.

I wish to see you when you're 70, and say you're still cute, because I know I am "sampat", and I will always be your "sampat" bear.

Yours always,
Honey Bear.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

To all blog readers,

Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!

p/s I used a Halloween lantern along with other traditional Chinese lanterns at home, hahaha !!

The Puzzling Mystery

Last week, after hanging out with bro Tz, I kinda had an unexpected surprise when I went to the car park. "Someone" left a fedora hat on my car, and it was honestly disturbing, since whoever the person was, that guy definitely knew that I like fedora hats, plus he also managed to find my car at the parking lot. 

So dear stalker, I don't know if you're on my Facebook friends list, or you're a blogger following my blog, whatever you did isn't funny, I'm very much sure you're aware that I'm not "available", so I seriously hope you won't do anything like this in the future. 

Besides, why on earth would you waste your money getting a fedora hat for me ? And why would you stalk me ? I ain't a celebrity, I ain't single, plus I ain't drop dead handsome. Ko memang gila...lain kali ko jangan gi stalk jantan orang lain, sumpah giler I will bash you if I know who you are !!

Yummy Ramen

So last week, during Raya Haji holiday, I went out jalan jalan with bro Tz, and he took me to Goku Raku at Paradigm Mall, which is a Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen. 

I must say, the Ten Ten ramen was seriously mouth watering. We ordered some crispy dumplings as well. Overall I think it's a very good place to dine in, the price is reasonable, and the service is good, as for the food, I would definitely give two thumbs up !! 

p/s had pork meat after almost 20 years, funny how bro Tz reacted when I told him that I never really eat pork, but it's okay for me, I mean, it's not like I'm going to be condemned to hell or something, hahaha. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Would You ?

would you stay in my heart,
and let me love you ?
would you let me fill your heart,
with love, joy and happiness ?
would you let me take away,
your sadness and insecurities ?
would you let me care for you,
when you're down or not well ?
would you let me comfort you,
when times are not good ?
would you let me love you,
even when you're old and frail ?
would you let me shower you,
with deeds that are meant for you alone ?
would you let me fill your mind,
with sweet memorable moments ?
would you let me satisfy,
your innermost desires ?
would you let me pray with you,
and share your spiritual journey with me ?
would you my love,
would you ?

~ a.r.k ~

The Lost Kura Kura

Rescued this kura kura while heading towards the gym at 5.30 in the morning, this little guy was in the middle of the main road in front of Jusco S2 but lucky the traffic wasn't heavy, have no idea how this little guy managed to walk 2 kilometres away from the S2 City Park's lake, took him back to the lake and released him there, before heading back to the gym.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Gift From Above

They came from above,
spreading joy and the true meaning of love,
little cupids of heaven some would say,
for they are cute and adorable,
yet mischievous and playful in every sense,
the world is a place filled with fantasy for them...

They run here and there,
not bothered about the chaos outside,
their smile will melt your heart,
for they grin like cute little cherubs,
with a charm that eliminates your sorrow away,
and fills your soul with warmth and happiness....

What is life without them?
A moment devoid of them,
is like an unfulfilled prayer,
thank Him every second you look into their eyes,
for the gift He had send forth into your life,
the gift from above that brightened your life....

Take a moment and create memories,
talk with them and laugh with them,
cherish every second for it could never be replaced,
give them hugs and let them feel loved,
listen to every words they say,
for it’s from the soul that rejoices your life...

~ a.r.k ~

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mango Season

The mango tree at home, which I planted 6 years back had finally started to bear fruits in a huge quantity. It's a bud craft variety of "Melaka Delite", which my dad bought from a nursery near Tanjung Minyak. The fruit is seriously sweet and delicious. No idea what I'm going to do with the rest of the fruits, as suggested by Miss Butterfly, I'm planning to give them to my neighbours and few friends in my town. Munchkin jokingly told me to juice them, which reminded me that my dad loves mango juice. As for cooking, sweet and sour Punjabi style mango pickle sounds like a good idea as well. Anyone out there could suggest any other simple ideas of utilizing sweet mangoes ?  :-)

mouth watering !!

these guys are pretty big...

The mango tree at home

Friday, 4 September 2015

Tale Of The Apple Seed

About 8 weeks back, while I was having a "pink crisp" variety of apple as a post workout snack, I've noticed that one of the seed within it had sprouted. Out of curiosity, I quickly did an online search for articles regarding the process of apple seed germination. and got to know that it's easy to grow it once the seed had sprouted. On a second thought, I pondered if it's possible for the poor plant to survive our tropical heat. Moments later, I've made up my mind to try my luck, and gave the sprouted seed to my dad since he was pretty much excited with the idea of trying to grow an apple tree at home.

After 8 weeks, here's how the plant looks now...

Despite getting constant attacks from bugs, the plant is still surviving, and it has adapted well to the crazy Malaysian weather  =)

Let's see how big this fella would grow after a year.

Can't wait to harvest apples !! yay !!