Thursday, 7 September 2017


Made an important decision to move to KL and leave Seremban for good, as I needed a fresh start after all that I've been through, besides, it was my dad's last wish as well, for me to sell the house in Seremban, and start a new life together with Bee in KL.

It's the best decision I've ever made in my life.

Home isn't a building or a place, for me, it's where my heart is, so wherever Bee goes, we will be together now.

Been months now, staying together with Bee, in our little cozy home in KL, and it's like a dream come true.

So much happiness for both of us now, more hugs, more kisses, more cuddles, and of course, more hot sex !!  XD

So yeah, besides that, there's plenty of yummy food around us, since our home is strategically located at the Chinese food hotspot in KL, and we are meeting our rainbow friends often, and the best part, both of us have joined the nearby gym to workout together !! :)

may the angels bless our home <3

our kids, haha, these are all the plushies i've bought for Bee

i've started gardening although we are staying in a condominium, plus there a big balcony, so yeah, why miss the opportunity to create a little garden for Bee, besides, he loves gardening as well   :)

will update more soon !! 


  1. I didn't realize he moved in. No noise from his family?

    1. hah ? i thought you knew mah, since you're following and liking my posts on Instagram =.="

      we found a solution for that, we turned one of the room at our place into his bedroom, and his parents think he's renting that room, so problem solved, but he still goes back to his parents place on Saturday afternoons and returns back on Sunday evenings...

      he did told me once that he's planning to come out to his parents, but i told him not to force himself, i mean, we are already happy with how things are now, so told him not to rush

      by the way, when are we going to meet lah ? Me n Bee are already meeting up with our friends regularly, so bila nak jumpa ?

  2. Ingatkan some stay overs. What reason did he give to move out? Yeah, you always meet up with Jason and TZ. Been years since I met both of them.

    1. he was already renting a room previously nearby his office for almost a year, hence the reason why it was easy for him to move in n live together now :)

  3. Replies
    1. kinda fast paced i would say, though i am not complaining, just need some time to get used to it since i lived in a small slow mo town called Seremban for almost 20 years before, but yeah, i like KL :)

  4. wishing you guys everlasting happiness!