Friday, 14 July 2017

4 Journeys Across The Ocean

After the funeral was done, and the 16th day prayers was completed for dad, I have decided to travel to few places to clear off my mind from all the painful moments I went through, 2016 was really a challenging year for me, if it wasn't for Bee, or my close friends Hemaa, and Athena, I would have definitely crumbled from all the stress I went through. It all happened too fast, from the day dad got diagnosed with cancer, to the day he left the world, that 6 months was the darkest period of my life, and being by his side for 4 months at the hospital, seeing death for almost everyday at the ward, it drained me completely, but I was grateful that despite everything, I managed to spend a lot of time with dad, talking to him, ensuring he was comfortable while he spent his last days in this world. I would never forget the doctors and the nurses who were really helpful, as well as dad's friends and ex colleagues who constantly visited him at the hospital.

That morning a white butterfly entered the house, and I knew the time has come, carried him for the one last time, held his hand, told him not to worry, he smiled at me, and he left that morning at 7.20. Tears fell, but I didn't grieve for long as I knew I had to prepare for the funeral. First person I called was Bee, then Hemaa and the rest of my friends as well as my dad's friends.

The funeral was a simple one,as per dad's request, Bee came in the afternoon to do his part, we both did the first ceremony together in front of the casket, and offered our prayers. The priest came the next day to do the required prayers and everything ended well at the crematorium. Dad's ashes was scattered in the ocean on the third day, and prayers were observed at the house till the 16th day, where for the final prayers, Hemaa came all the way from Kuching to help and we really had a good time with few of my crazy relatives, I was really thankful for her presence.

And so, after everything was settled, I've started to plan for my holidays, and did all the bookings online.


My first destination was Kuching, since Bee would be busy with his family for Chinese New Year, I've decided to spend my time with Hemaa, and despite the monsoon season, we really had a good time, lots of sight seeing, and good delicious Sarawakian food. 

The famous cat 

The cakes here are simply superb !!

wherever I go, I take you in my heart  <3

Hemaa wearing a traditional Chinese attire, doesn't she look pretty !! :D

Me & Hemaa will never forget this pillar after visiting the local museum, bwahahahaha !! XD

Hong Kong

Second destination was Hong Kong, tried Malindo's Business class and it was better than MAS as Malindo was using newer air craft.

Hong Kong's MTR is super efficient !!

best place to stay in Hong Kong would be Sheung Wan, the MTR station as well as
the tram station is nearby, plus all the famous food places are nearby 


Blessings at Man Mo temple

The Big Buddha !!

soup here super sedap !!

Kowloon Park

Indonesian mak cik selling cucur and nasi lauk outside Kowloon Mosque, 
cucur was sedap !!

Bruce Lee mama !! XD

apart from their delicious milk tea, I got to know that their dairy products taste 
awesome as well 

Chi Lin Nunnery, a beautiful monastery, peaceful and quiet.

Chi Lin Monastery's Garden

amulets sold outside Wong Tai Sin temple.

offered prayers at Wong Tai Sin temple and bought two amulets for Bee and myself

pity this guy, everyone molest him for luck

Master Wong Tai Sin's shrine

Hong Kong's street food is super sedap !! XD

didn't go inside, just took picture, i mean, for what lah ?
 already got Bee to do the notti things !! XD


food in Hong Kong is super sedap !!

wherever I go, I bring my baby in my heart, 

made it myself @ Cheung Chau Island

mango with tau foo faaaaaaaaaaaa !!! SEDAP 

well, worked for WWF before, so I've decided to visit their centre  :)

lovely park amidst the bustling city

finally met the HSBC lion  :D

Kuma Ramen @ Sheung Wan, the broth of the ramen was mouthgasmic !!

biskut bini, sangat sedap !!


Went to Bangkok with close friend, blogger Tze, and this time we decided to take MAS Business Class, although the air craft was old, their service was exceptionally good, including the meals served.

our dinner there after check in, McD's burger babi was sedap

some people need stimulation

Erawan's shrine

thin crepe filled with thick coconut milk and caramelized carrot, yum!!

a humble reminder

pad thai at Siam Paragon, yum yum...

Tze ordered this...

and he ordered this...

a cute monyet, since Bee was born in the year of monkey  : )

Rilakkumaaaa !!!!! :O

OMG !!!!

they even sell dress for teddy bears :/ 

sinfully unhealthy yet heavenly delicious 

time for some cocktail

monks are respected here

this lady's coconut ice cream was mouth watering :p~~~~


Bear Bear <3 Baby Bee

at Lumbini Park

i wish they would import this drink to Malaysia

fooooooooddddddd !!! 


Decided to join Hemaa and her friends from Kuching on this next trip to Yogyakarta, took Garuda Indonesia's Business Class connecting flight via Jakarta, their service and food was good.

Jakarta International Airport was beautiful AF

tried the iconic Indonesian drink, it was too bitter  ~_~


selfie with adik kecik, Hemaa  XD

rainbow heart at Bukit Mojo

ooooo udang sedap !!

i will never forget this place...

gondola ride to the little island @ Pantai Timang

that wave tho :/

lovely sunset

nenek jual kuih sedap...

street food, yum yum !!

people who love spicy food should never ever try nasi gudeg,
it was zzzzzzzzz....sweet and bluek....

candi Ratu Boko

unforgettable yummy roti bakar neaby hotel...soo sedap !! 

the chicken church

sedap sedap !!

 Candi Borobudur

wefie with the gang !! XD

soda gembira...

their gado gado was super sedap !!

Candi Prambanan, the earthquake literally destroyed everything


their kuey teow tastes like egg noodles and looks like spaghetti, even
Bee thought it was fried spaghetti

Mount Merapi, the deadly beauty...

hehehe : )

Kilang Bakpia, their bakpia is yummy !!

view of Mount Merapi from my flight 

that's all for now :)