Thursday, 17 January 2019

Tech Slaves

I give up

I've been observing everyone around me and recently I've come to the conclusion that the society have turned into a tech slave. At times I just feel lost and hopeless, but instead of feeling frustrated, I gave up, knowing that humanity would never change.

At the restaurant, I see couples glued on their phones instead of having a good conversation, I see kids on their tablets getting ignored by their parents, who likewise is addicted to their devices. On the road, I see passengers in cars and buses busy looking at their phones, ignoring the beauty that surrounds them, they forgot to see that beautiful sunset, they forgot to see those lovely parks along the road, why, they don't even talk to the person who's driving beside them, less oral communication, more texting, and why would I be surprised if I come across a news that says drivers getting involved in an accident due to lack of concentration on the road as they were busy checking their smartphones. 

It can be irritating at times, I wish I was born in a different era, say the 60's, when people know how to be make friends, or a simple smile could lead to a lovely bond. At home, I see Bee on the phone watching his Chinese soap operas or gaming related stuffs when he's beside me, but hey, at least I'm lucky he's totally not addicted to his device, although sometimes he gets carried away. I have gay friends who complain that their guys aren't giving enough attention to them, some don't even say anything after waking up in the morning, because according to them, they are busy checking their phones the moment they wake up, heck some even complained that they aren't getting enough sex because their other half is more interested into gaming, like seriously ? What is wrong with these people ? 

Whenever I meet our friends or my bffs, they're the same case, there's no exception, most of the time, they would be looking at their phones, scrolling through their Instagram, updating status on Facebook, and force me to take a wefie with them, not for the sake of memory, which I wouldn't mind, but to post on social media instead, dear Lord, I just feel like punching them sometimes. 

Same goes to my cousins and aunties, whenever I spend time at my grandparents place over the weekends, they would be glued on their smartphones, watching videos and stuffs.

Sometimes I wish people would realize how this addiction would affect their relationship with others, sometimes I wish things were like the olden days, but sadly, technology has taken over everything.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Full Moon

while looking at the night sky during mid autumn festival

Bee : bear bear, the moon not full tonight 
Me  : where got, bee bee moon always full 
Bee : *blush*

~ our breakfast yesterday ~

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


woke up next to him,
another morning by his side,
another blessing to count,
another moment to be thankful for,
slowly wrapped my arms around him,
pulled him closer,
kissed his neck,
my chest and belly on his back,
feeling his soft round butt on my groin,
enjoyed the warmth of his body,
on a cold lovely morning,
it’s been 3 years,
happy anniversary my love <3

Thursday, 6 September 2018


He was the first person to wish me, when the clock strikes the digit “12”, then followed by my bffs and my close friends. Personally for me, birthdays are just another day in our lives, I don’t really tell people about it, and don’t really make it visible in my social media info, if people remembers it, then let them wish me, if they don’t, it’s not a big deal, perhaps I began to really dislike the idea of celebration as I believe that birthdays should be rather spent with your significant other, and your loved ones.

Bee made it even more memorable when he got me a sweet surprise in the evening, a cute lovely Pooh cake.

So that’s how I turned 32, it was another beautiful moment with Bee  :)

Saturday, 1 September 2018


Sacrifice, something we always do, something we can’t avoid doing in life, I never really told anyone about it, not even Bee, because I didn’t want him to feel bad, besides, I was confident that I could go through this phase on my own, and somehow I was lucky enough that there were always some sort of help from above, or miracles I would say.

After dad passed away, he left me a huge property in Seremban, and told me to sell it once he left this world, as he wanted me to move on and start my new life with Bee, however, the process of title transfer wasn’t that easy as my dad made a will with Amanah Raya without realising that they would charge a sky high fee to settle the will once my dad wasn’t around anymore. The best part was, their fee structure was calculated based on the current market value of the inheritance property, and knowing how high the value of the house would be, I was prepared for them to literally “rob” me. I wouldn’t really complain if they settle  the legal stuffs at a fast pace for what they charge, but it took them almost one year and 6 months to get their job done, while they slowly rip away my savings.

It wasn’t easy, but I managed things, kept things to myself, I know somehow or rather that they’re going to drag things, and eventually my savings went to zero, and the best part was, I wasn’t working, because at that point of time, I had to go to Seremban few times in a month just to push them while trying to sort things out myself, so having a job would have made things tougher, so one by one, as months passed, I began to sell valuable things that I had, and I told myself that I would never ever burden Bee, knowing that he has to support his family as well. 

This period of time  really gave me plenty of valuable lessons in life, especially how to live on a budget, how to spend less, ways to save money, I never became stingy, but I was becoming calculative on my spendings for myself, I didn’t mind getting little gifts for Bee or for my friends’ birthdays, but I started to be more cautious on the things I get for myself, and it somehow trained me to be a minimalist. All these lessons were also preparing me for the huge amount of money that I would be getting upon selling the inherited property.

And so, I began to seek more knowledge in investments, and think of the possibilities of making money without the need to work once I have settled the house matter. Luckily, in the midst of the legal process, I managed to know that there were plenty of people who were eyeing the property, and some even willing to pay more than the market price, but shit do happen, and someone attempted to cheat  me in the process of buying the house, yet again, I was lucky enough to get rid of the conman through a three month long legal battle, and finally I had found a genuine buyer who was willing to pay the advance booking fee while waiting for Amanah Raya to complete the title transfer of the property.

The property was sold last month, and currently I am counting the days to receive the huge payment. So back to the title of this post, one would wonder what are the sacrifices I was mentioning earlier on.

Plenty of sacrifices, honestly I have sold almost every single valuable items that I had in order to not depend on others while going through this period, the diamond rings my dad bought for me, my laptops and DSLR, some things that had special place in my heart, I had to let go, and sacrifice.

The thing is, unexpected things do happen when we are least expecting it, my old car gave plenty of problems, I met with an accident, and the cost of living in KL is certainly high. Even a few times I was in a situation that I had no money to even buy food, no money to pay the rent, or to even fill fuel for my old car, but I never told Bee about it, because I was afraid he might feel bad, and I didn’t want him to go through unnecessary stress, yet somehow I managed it. There were times that my lunch and dinner were instant noodles, there were times that I skipped lunch to save on the ten ringgit to buy fruits, or even butter and bread  for our breakfast together, there were times I walked in the heavy rain to buy dinner  without using the car just to save on that fuel, so many things happened, but I survived them all, I didn’t die, in fact it made me even stronger :)

For some of you out there, to my readers, be thankful for everything that you have, for the shelter above you, to the food that you are blessed to eat, and the loved ones who are there beside you, and why, even the tiny little gifts that some people give you, maybe you might think it’s just a gift, like maybe just a bar of chocolate etc, but remember that you wouldn’t know how the person struggled to get them for you, some people sacrifice themselves to make others happy, so be thankful for them in your life.

Sunday, 8 July 2018


it was surreal, i wasn't expecting it, to get a glimpse, but i am happy, as the signs were good...

He looked at me, and i looked at him, confused, i wasn't aware of the stranger who was smiling at me, and holding my hand, but it took me a while to realise who he was.

Handsome as always, but with a more matured look, there were noticeable fine lines, but those beautiful eyes, and his lovely smile, perhaps he's 40 plus.

"You're getting this for whom sir ?", the lady at the stall asked me while she was making the keychain. 

"It's for my guy," i smiled while looking at him.

The lady gave a big smile.

"I'm his husband," Bee told happily.

Wait, are we married ? Is he no longer in the closet ? What happened to his parents ?

First of all, where is this place, certainly doesn't look like....

Have we migrated ? Is this our honeymoon ?

The reflection of myself in the mirror hanging on the stall surprised me, I look so different.

"Bear bear okay ?," Bee asked.

I looked at a device on his hand that looks like a mobile phone, is it our picture on his phone ? I looked at mine, and certainly it was his picture as a wallpaper.

I looked at our surrounding, everything looks different.

So many questions on my mind.

But he looked happy, that's the most important of answers.

"You're lovely, and will always be, Bee"

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Bee : Who is Bear Bear ?
Me : Bear Bear is Bee Bee's hubby
Bee : *cute giggles* 
Me : *kiss kiss*
Bee : Who is Bee Bee ?
Me : Bee Bee is Bear Bear's hubby
Bee : *cute giggles* *blush*
Me : *hug tightly* *more kisses*

~ while relaxing on the sofa together ~