Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Morning Ritual

the first thing in the morning after waking up,
to give you morning kisses, and naughty bites,
a kiss on your neck,
a kiss on your shoulder,
moving down,
grabbing those round juicy peaches,
two kisses planted on both,
too irresistible not to bite,
so few bites after kisses on your lovely butt,
moving up,
you turn your face towards me,
kisses on your cheek,
kisses on your nose,
kisses on your forehead,
my arms around you,
pulling you closer,
enjoying the warmth of your body,
feeling your smooth skin,
this too is intimacy,
a way to show love,
a way to show appreciation,
on how much you mean to me,
on how much i adore you

a morning ritual,
for you to know,
that i love every inch of you <3

Friday, 29 March 2019


Okay, I was supposed to post this after Valentine's day, as in last February, but somehow I totally forgot to update about Bee's birthday on this blog, partly because both of us weren't well after Chinese New Year thanks to the hot weather, and I was taking care of Bee after he had high fever for few days after Valentine's day, plus I ended up with a mysterious locked knee issue after Valentine's day ( nope nope nope, please don't think anything notti  ;p ) which made me go for few Chiropractic session. 

So here it goes, Bee is 27 years old this year, yay, I'm so happy !! Haha, another year older, but my guy remains to look like a cute twink, thanks to his Chinese genetics, I mean, few of our friends told me that he looks like a high school kid, and I'm sure those rainbows who bump into us at malls and theaters would probably think Bee got "daddy issues" since I look freaking old, hahaha !! XD

Anyway, it's my third time celebrating his birthday together, so this year, I surprised him with gifts, and most importantly, a Baymax themed super cute birthday cake, thanks to Foret Blanc, they really did a wonderful job, Bee was so excited when he saw the cake, and he was kinda reluctant to cut the cake, because he said it was just so super cute, felt really happy because Bee loved the surprise a lot, and yes, another memorable moment for us to remember.

Happy 27th birthday my love <3

Sunday, 24 March 2019


time stops in the moment of admiration,
time moves slowly when we count our blessings,
i love your eyes,
i love to look deep into them,
as they look into mine,
how lovely they're,
i wouldn't mind gazing into them for eternity,
for i adore every inch of you,
the cute dweller of my heart,
in silence,
no words spoken,
we held our hands,
and looked at each other,
there's nothing but smile,
there's no need for an explanation,
as our eyes,
they speak in the language of love.

~ a.r.k ~

Thursday, 21 March 2019


Dad was walking ahead of me on the path along the forest behind our home on the hill, everything seemed to me like an ordinary evening walk we do often together.

Sometimes it feels so real, I can't differentiate them.

The sky was rather dark, it looked as if it was about to rain.

"Pa, I think we should head back home"

Dad turned to me and smiled.

A huge black cloud with a human like figure came out of nowhere from the forest and grabbed him.

Shocked, I quickly ran towards my dad and managed to grab his right hand tightly.

I wasn't scared, and I knew I'm strong enough to save him.

The black cloud pulled my dad into the forest, but I held him strongly.

Amidst the chaos, my dad was just smiling.

I wasn't prepared for this, but I wasn't giving up either.

Anger arose in me, I clenched my right hand tightly, and along with the diamond ring, I gave a strong punch on the black cloud.

The diamond shattered, and I knew there was nothing that can be done.

The fiery naked red skinned lady looked from far, she wasn't laughing like she used to, there was sadness in her face, she stood there and watched.

I screamed at her, I begged her to come and help me like how she used to before, but she stood there looking, doing nothing.

I was growing weaker, I looked at my dad's face for the one last time before darkness took him into the forest.

Somehow I knew what was going to happen, I couldn't fight against his fate, the sadness in her face told me everything, there will be no help from above, I'm all alone.

I was driving towards my office when I received the call from my dad, took emergency leave, and drove straight back home before taking him to the hospital.

That's when everything changed, that's when fate began it's course, taking me into a journey filled with unforgettable memories. 

I knew who I was, I cheated death many times, I experienced miracles in many forms, I have seen unexplainable things in life, yet, no matter how much prayers or vigils I observe for my loved ones, I knew I wasn't capable of changing their fate. 

You can never stop fate from doing its work.

Friday, 15 March 2019


I was reading the novel on the bed as Bee started to undress, preparing to shower before joining me on the bed. I pretended to read, but my eyes were enjoying that boyish beauty as Bee slowly stripped  himself naked. When he finally removed his underwear, I gazed upon his smooth perky butt, those lovely round buns.

We did the usual ritual before going to bed, watched funny videos together, and then cuddled before we both fell asleep.

I felt his breath close to my face, he pulled my hand and placed it on his butt, as my fingers traced the smooth round buns, I realised he was only wearing a jockstrap, I giggled softly as my mouth went towards his neck. I began licking behind his ears while squeezing his juicy butt with my hand. He began to moan softly, an indication that he wants my saliva to moisture his whole body before my tongue goes down to rejoice on his juicy butt.

We kissed slowly, our tongues made love while we exchanged our bodily fluid, I looked at his lovely face before going towards his pink nipples, he moaned loudly, the sound of pleasure filled our room.

"I love you," I whispered onto his ear before turning him slowly, allowing his juicy butt to face me. My hands squeezed both his soft buns, planted few kisses on them before pushing both away gently to reveal his pink orifice to paradise, he was clearly waiting for me to bury my face in between his soft buns, and to feel my wet tongue on his boy pussy as the anus muscles were pulsating slowly, eager to be caressed.

I rubbed my stubble gently on the smooth skin that surrounds his pink orifice, he pushed his butt further to bury my face deep inside.

"Yessssss", he moaned.

My brown rod was continuously leaking pre cum, apart from his mesmerizing loud moans, and the eagerness to slide my rod into his tight pink boy pussy, it was also a natural reaction to my beloved's sexy and lovely attributes, from his boyish look, to his perky smooth butt, a huge long rod, and of course, my love for him, plus the craving to make love with someone you deeply cherish in your heart.

I continued to relish on Bee's juicy butt.

I felt something sticky and moist below, I woke up and saw Bee sleeping soundly beside me.

It was another lovely wet dream.

nope, he never told me to stop, he enjoys his bear eating his juicy peach  ;p 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


It was a graveyard, there were no trees around, only smoke from the burning of corpses, fragment of bones decorated the ground's dark soil.

There he was, deep in meditation, until he opened his eyes to see three monks draped in yellow robe, standing in front of him. There was no glow on their faces, he knew these weren't monks.

"Imposters !!", he shouted.

The three took out their knives, ready to kill him, unaware who he truly was.

Anger filled his fiery eyes, fire began to rage from his body, he stood up and thumped the ground with his right feet, shaking the ground violently.

The three began to wonder if they did the right thing, but it was too late, as they faced the dark skinned and fat bellied demon in front of them, they wonder what would be their fate.

They starting running, but there's no escape from him.

He chased one by one.

"Disgusting creatures, how dare you disguise yourselves as Buddhas ?!! Which fool send you three to me ? I dare that coward bastard to come and find me !!"

There was no reply. Then, the cry of agony began.

The first, he used his vajra to rip open the skull of the imposter, black blood gushing out, the mara pleaded for mercy, but this demon isn't as compassionate as the bodhisattva, he sat on the mara as he broke the mara's head into pieces, ripping the scalp off, pulling the head completely from its body.

The second, with his sharp nails, he slowly tore the skin away from its flesh, the mara screamed in pain, but the demon laughed, and laughed, and laughed until the mara left its body, unable to bear the torment.

The third, he danced upon it, thumped on its body with his feet till the everything came out, the eyes, the tongue, the organs, he danced upon till the whole ground was soaked with its black blood.

The Precious One looked from the sky and smiled, the mother on the other side wasn't happy at all, for her ways are always about compassion and non violence, but he being a demon, his wrathful nature is unavoidable, he may be compassionate to the good souls, but he isn't a bodhisattva, to the evil, he will always be the wrathful dark demon.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Lessons of Life

The airport, a place with many memories, I sat at the cafe sipping on a cup of coffee while looking around, it was that same cafe many years ago, and it was that same seat, sometimes I ponder why I remember things with so much details although it has been part of a distant memory

It was that same airport, I saw this guy many years back, it was the same airport I took that flight with courage, going to Miri and coming back on the same day, just to surprise that guy that I used to love, I went all the way there to surprise him on his birthday, although deep inside I knew it was not going to change how things were, I used to love him, yes, but he never did, so it's a memory of an unrequited love, a memory that can never be erased, but I embraced it as a lesson given by life, and I have no shame in admitting to what I did, besides, there's nothing wrong with loving someone.

I remember the places he took me, the Chinese temple, that hill, the beach, we shared a bowl of leicha that afternoon, and I even remember how he accidentally scratched his car bumper after reversing onto a stone near the beach on that day. 

I remember everything in detail, but, I can't remember his face, I can't recall how he looked, it's as if his face was erased completely from my heart, but I know what caused it, the face of an unrequited love was erased completely by the love shown by a guy who loves me completely now.

See, love is a complex matter, sometimes you fall in love with a person, but you can't expect them to love you the same way, love just comes naturally, it can't be forced, a person may love you,  but not the same way as you love them, love can grow stronger as days pass, but sometimes it can even wither away, and if you ever get into an unrequited love, let it go, because end of the day, when you decide to let go of the person who doesn't love you, the right one would appear in your life eventually. When a person doesn't love you, it's not the end of the world, it's not the end of the life, it's simply life's way of telling you that you deserve someone who would love you just as much as you would.

As I sat at the airport thinking about the past, thinking about all the things I had been through, I saw a familiar face walking out of the arrival hall, my face changed quickly, there was nothing but smile, there was nothing but happiness, the intense joy that filled my heart, I got up and walked towards him, and the moment he saw me, there's that smile on his face that I fell in love with, that I fall in love every single day in the morning when he wakes up next to me, the smile that makes me understand what home truly is.

There he was, walking towards me, in the same airport,

the guy who made me understand,
what love truly is,
what relationship is all about,
what patience is,

the guy who made me realise the importance of,
not giving up on each other,
self love that makes your other half love you even more,
finding happiness in little things that money can never buy,

the guy who,
loves me the way I am,
loves me unconditionally,
hugs me the moment he wakes up in the morning,
hold my hand whenever I'm driving,
cheer me up with his funny face whenever I look down,
gives surprise hugs from behind,
always does cute things that never fail to put a smile on my face,
never complained when I ravage his lovely butt, sometimes I bite hard *notti grin*
makes me mad sometimes, but shows his puppy face that melts my heart away  ;p
did many more beautiful things for me, the list can go on and on  :)

there he was, 
my heart,
walking towards me, 
making me realise what home truly is,
home is where the heart is <3