Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekend Walk In The Park

How I spend my weekend mornings ? I go for a walk at City Park, Seremban 2. It's my kind of therapy to relax my mind and get connected to mother nature. It's a lovely well maintained park that has a beautiful lake, and for Seremban folks, it's definitely a joggers paradise. 

will never forget to get old bread crumbs for 
the "guys" who live inside the lake  =)

old bread crumbs = happy lake dwellers = happy me

Mr Tortoise relaxing

Sometimes I would sit down near the playground just to watch the 
children play happily with their parents, it calms me, since I always
 believe that children spread good vibes to those around them,
and they definitely have the ability to remove sorrowful 
thoughts from our hearts...they are truly little angels without wings  =)

Minangkabau style "hut"

Workout Musing : It's Leg Day !!

Beast Mode : ON...
it's leg day for me...

6 sets of 15 reps...
r.i.p fat cells...
p/s  got used with the muscle sore, and i will definitely 
wake up tomorrow morning !!  =)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Another Lovely Dawn

another lovely dawn to wake up to...
another reason for me not to leave my humble home,
 and migrate elsewhere...
another blessed moment to be thankful for...
life is indeed beautiful..

~ a.r.k ~