Saturday, 4 June 2016

Thank You

I came out of the office during tea break to check on you, something which I usually do on working days during break time, just to look at my phone and check if you had posted any updates, or to simply send you a message or a sticker just to kacau you, and go through the selfies you had sent to me.

It's a ritual which I never fail to do, something I would say as my "me time" at office, to simply sit down alone, to just look at your pictures in my phone for few minutes, remembering our moments together, a ritual to break the daily stress at office.

Well, no matter how dull my day is, looking at your smile always lightens me up.

But I wasn't expecting anything from you that day, as I know you're busy with work.

Then the notification appeared after I switched on my phone.

"Baby Bunny sent a photo".

I looked and pondered what it could be.

Maybe a selfie ? Or perhaps the picture of the lunch you had.

With excitement in my heart, I quickly opened the message thread.

And I looked at the picture, just kept looking at it with a smile.

You always know how to touch my heart deeply.

I never expected you to send me this picture, but it really means a lot to me.

Means a lot, because it shows you're happy with the little things I do, or small efforts I put to see you smile.

Thank you Bunny, 
for filling my heart with love and happiness....

Smell Like Love

Your back was facing me,you pulled my hand and placed it on your chest as we cuddled, and I wrapped my other hand around you, feeling the warmth of your body.

The scent of your skin, no dear, wasn't the CK you used, it's just, how do I even explain it ?

The scent of milk ? No dear, I am not lying, it's true, you don't have body odor issues, in fact, even your sweat smells sweat, and nope, I'm not covering things up because I love you, it's just true.

I know a lot of people have body odor issues, but you have none, honestly, remember the moment I tend to put my face on your armpit ? Nope, not smelly, it smells sweet.

I just love doing it whenever we cuddle, every time my nose hits your soft skin, I take a deep breath rejoicing in your skin's sweet scent.

You smell like love.

Yes you do.

Love you piggy boy.