Sunday, 5 October 2014

Things to do Before I "Leave" This World

* climb Mount Kinabalu *

* visit Peugeot Avenue in Paris ( i love French cars, and i own one ) *

* visit Cliffs of Moher ( Ireland ), St Peter’s Square ( Vatican City ),
  Bodh Gaya ( India ), Ephesus ( Turkey ),
Acropolis of Athens ( Greece ), Alhambra ( Spain ),
Pokhara Valley ( Nepal ) *

 * visit Beijing again for the second time ( must hike the Great Wall of China for the 2nd time ) *

 * stay in India for at least 3 months, travel the entire southern region *

* learn Cantonese, Spanish, and French *

 * learn kenjutsu, and make use of my katana ( not to slice up people, haha ) *

* become a humanitarian aid worker *

* adopt a child if possible (  i love kids,but Malaysian law doesn't allow unmarried man to adopt ) *

 * go to any live concerts by Coldplay or Loreena Mckennitt *

* get a small Sricharanam symbol tattooed on the left side of my chest *

* break my previous driving speed record of 240km/h,
must go beyond 300km/h at Sepang F1 circuit   track day  *

 * must learn how to drift like a pro  ( my best friend promised to teach me how to drift  ) *

* must buy a superbike, wear tight racing suit, and cruise along the highway  ( i'm a speed demon ) *

 * must meet Vicki Butler-Henderson, get an autograph and take a picture with her 
   ( to me, she’s the best race driver around ) *

 * write a novel *

* live in a forest for at least two months, completely disconnect myself from the outside world *

~ life is indeed beautiful ~


  1. Wish all your wish come true boy ;)

  2. thanks...boy ? hahaha, i am an old guy....28 to be precise :)

  3. OMG! You have to visit Bodhgaya. I went there in 2011. It was breathtaking and when I was there, I felt so at peace and calm that all troubles and problems were gone as if the world is perfect and everything is in harmony. There is a Bodhi tree inside the compound where people claim that you would cry or have tears when you touch it. Initially, I didn't believe but when I was there, I touched my hand with my eyes closed, and all of a sudden, I had flashbacks. My heart started to have a lump and the next thing I know, I was crying. It was unbelieveable until you experience it yourself.

    1. perhaps what you had experienced is a form of spiritual awakening, well, honestly there are many ancient sites in India that helps seekers who are searching for the divine "unseen" truth, the pilgrimage sites, ancient monuments, all these places are rich with positive vibes or uplifting energy that always amaze spiritual enthusiast like myself, and yes, i have experienced that before, in other parts of India, so hopefully one day, I wish I could set my foot on this sacred Buddhist site, and get blessed by the ancient ruins that once witnessed the leader of the Sakhya clan getting enlightened =)