Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bad English

My English is bad, and I won't dare to make claim that my language command is good !! Seriously, no idea why I am making silly grammatical mistakes, noticed it ever since I've started to blog. Looking at my previous posts, I wonder what happened to my writing skills. It's like, I don't know, gosh, hope my lecturers won't come across my blog, bet they will be wondering how on earth did I graduate with a TESL degree.

But on a second thought, English is definitely a crazy language. Nobody should ever claim they have good command in English, because in reality, even the native speakers have hard time trying to understand their mother tongue. 

Time for me to do grammar exercise !! 

I love hour, not a hour...why, because the "h" is silent, but wait, isn't that phonology ? lol....


  1. I saw your comment on Tempus' blog post and thought of coming here to visit. Hehehe... well, English is indeed a stranger language. Have you heard of this... if the plural of mouse is mice, then how come house is not hice? If the plural of box is boxes, then why not ox is oxes? LOL

    1. Hi there =)
      that's odd, i came across your blog yesterday morning, and watched the Satyamev Jayate talk show link which you had shared on your blog, wanted to comment but was busy, anyway, thanks for visiting my "not so interesting" blog, haha, and i guess i saw your name on Tempus' FB timeline...

      and yes, English is definitely a crazy language, i don't really mind blogging with broken English, but sometimes you know, people would be wondering how on earth i am qualified to teach, hahaha, so guess i need to do lots of grammar exercise....

      once again, thanks for visiting my blog, hope you will enjoy reading my "not so interesting" posts in the future, take care and bless it be =)

  2. English Sminglish! This is obviously a personal blog right? Just keep writing. And as long as the point gets across I'll keep reading!