Thursday, 2 October 2014

Shutterbug's Journey...My Passion for Photography...

the beautiful world around me...
through an amateur's lens....

my journey into the world of photography...

camera used : Canon 550D

all shots taken manually, because that's how DSLR should be used !! hahaha 

the super moon 2013, taken from home

Ancient Paintings - Thiruvaranganatharswamy Temple, Srirangam

Fast & Furious Tamil Nadu these autorickshaws !!

Serene - Grand Anicut, Trichy

Darasuram, Temple of Airavat, world heritage monument - Tamil Nadu

A moment of Prayer, Masi Magham celebration - Kumbakonam

Ancient Monument - Gangaikondacholapuram, Tamil Nadu

Cosmic Dance - Gangaikondacholapuram

Vegetarian Thali....i love healthy food !! - Sangeetha's @ Chennai Citi Centre

Chola Bronze Art - Egmore Museum, Chennai

Rajput architecture  - Egmore Museum

Blissful Buddha - Egmore Museum

Love for Two Nations, to honour the Independence Day of India & Malaysia during the month of August @ home

An empty street - Seremban

Beautiful Sunset - taken from my room

Rising Phoenix - Mines City, KL 

Morning Rays on Elephant God - at home

Wesak Day procession in Seremban

Heaven in the Night Sky

White Rose at home 

Little Green Guy outside my room...isn't he cute ?

Puru, my cat....

Sparks of Joy - Deepavali celebration at home

Lady Moon surrounded by clouds

Freedom on Flower - taken at home

Yellow vented Bul Bul on her nest - taken at home...this bird really hates me, took me almost an hour to get this shot...hahaha

Visible Moon on the Morning Sky

"catching" raindrops...hmmmm, i don't know, is it good ?

The Moon

heavenly sunset...taken from my room...

crescent moon

rose in my garden :)


  1. That is beautiful....magnificent picture!

    1. thanks for your time, really appreciate it : )