Friday, 10 October 2014

Sun Loves The Earth

in the Solar System :

Sun     : Honey, I love you, I want to hug you, 
                please come near me....
Earth  : No !!!!!  Look what you have done to Mercury 
                and Venus, you burnt them alive before divorcing them...
Sun     : but Baby, that wasn't my fault, 
                I was born hot....
Earth  : Yea right, I don't like you because 
                you are too hot and too bright...
Sun     : But...but  *sob sob*...but I love you.....
Earth  : Don't you dare come near me, 
                you will kill my human children 
                by baking them alive with your heat....If you
                come closer, I will throw Moon at your face...
Moon  : * dafuq *

Meanwhile, somewhere on Earth :

Dad : Is your car's air conditioning system working properly ?
Me  : Appa, I think you should look at the temperature indicator 
          * pointing at the dashboard *
Dad : * dafuq *

44 degrees Celsius...need I say more ?

~ fin ~

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