Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Leaving Malaysia

My friends thought I was joking when I told them that I will be leaving Malaysia in 2 months time. It wasn't until they noticed my "check in" at the Indian High Commission in KL last week on Facebook, they began to realize it was indeed true.

Yes, I am bidding farewell to this country to start a new life in Chennai. Thanks to my dual citizenship which I had obtained few years earlier, migrating is hassle free for me and my dad. But then, I am very much sad to leave this country, definitely not because of the government, but I will definitely miss a lot of things. My home, where I grew up, memories of my mother somehow managed to drag back the idea of leaving this country few years earlier. I am going to miss my close friends, I will miss the diverse culture, my Chinese and Malay buddies, having Chinese and Malay food, chee cheong fun, hokkien mee, sambal tumis tempeh, gulai lemak daun ubi, name it, I am so definitely going to miss Malaysia.

But what to do ? I have no other choice, my future here looks bleak, I have waited to get posted as an English teacher at the government school for almost a year. Many more TESL graduates share similar fate as me, and the funny thing is, the education ministry isn't bothered, they don't seem to care. 

This country is going downhill, the economy is very very bad, all I can say is that, this nation will soon face national bankruptcy. Tun M had already hinted about this issue earlier on, but the current government isn't bothered, well, as if the politicians care about the citizen's struggle to make ends meet. Fuel prices got up when the world crude oil price went down. GST, an additional burden to the citizens. TNB tariff going up next January, despite the fact that TNB made a hefty profit in billions last year.

What is happening to this country ? 

Share market is tumbling. Looking at the KLSE chart, makes me wonder if the whole thing is being manipulated to show false figure. Companies that don't perform well gets the "green" light, while companies that get excellent reviews from investment researchers often ends up falling down.  Cost of living is rising drastically. Every time I go to Tesco to do grocery shopping, I can't fail to notice that prices are ever increasing. Goodday Fresh Milk used to cost RM 4 two years back, now it's RM 7, SCS butter used to be RM 3, now it's almost RM 10. 

Even a pack of instant ramen cost RM 5, that's equivalent to having a banana rice meal at an Indian restaurant in Seremban !! My goodness, what has happened to the consumer power that was very much alive back in the 90's ? 

I don't have any hope for a bright future in this country.

My friends on the other hand claimed that I don't have to worry much, since I am rich. Wait, am I rich ? Really ? Let me make things clear, my dad is rich, yes, he is rich, but me, no, nothing belongs to me. Please don't assume that I am a rich spoiled brat having an easy life spending money like nobody's business.  I have to struggle, face hardship, and independently come up in life. Just like my dad, he never had an easy beginning, he faced many challenges in life, and believe me, wealth doesn't come easily, and at the same time, money isn't everything. Being rich alone will never guarantee you happiness nor peace of mind. 

I am happy that my dad agreed with my decision to leave this country. I guess he is excited, since most of his close friends are in India. 

So many things to settle. So many things to be packed. Need to meet all of my friends before I leave.

Two months, is it enough ? Well, let's hope so.

never imagined this would be so useful for me now....

Good Bye Malaysia....Hello India.....


  1. :)

    All i can say is, life is short, so live it to the fullest!

    Good luck and all the best Z.

    1. hi there, thanks for dropping by :)

      well, i believe if we live every moment of our lives, we will definitely know it isn't short, and yes, life has ups and downs, but then, what is life is there aren't any hardship.....

      your blog is pretty much happening, sadly i am an old guy, but i will definitely read and comment when i have time...

      take care and bless it be

    2. 28 isnt old la. and its not compulsory to read my blog. lol. anyway see you around, here hopefully :)

  2. Nah, don't be sad. You can always visit here anytime you want. Have a wonderful life at India :)

    After all we born to make more friends, aren't we?.....

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