Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tale of The Dollar Bill

For years I had been keeping dollar bills in my wallet, that at one point I had totally forgotten about it's existence. It wasn't till few days earlier that I managed to come across it while I was "cleaning" my wallet, and not just few dollars worth of bank note, there were five 100 dollar bills, and I was definitely excited, wondering how much the current exchange rate would be. Honestly, the dollar bills weren't really in good shape, since they were kept folded, and some looked weathered. But I thought to myself, why not try my luck.

After my routine workout that day, went to CIMB at Seremban 2. Upon inspecting the dollar bills, the lady at the counter told me that the bank won't accept weathered bank notes, and she suggested that I should try to exchange them at Bureau De Change in KLIA.

Thought to myself, oh well, let's make a short trip to KLIA then, besides I enjoy driving, on the highway of course, and absolutely when it's not packed, and definitely when it's not during the festive season !! Haha. 

Went to KLIA the next day.

when the highway is empty, and I couldn't resist the temptation to floor the accelerator...say whatever you want, but for a speed demon like me, this is bliss....

Had quick lunch at Cafe Barbera, KLIA. Took toasted cheese and tomato sandwich along with espresso macchiato, 

came here few times, good food, but service hasn't improved, sigh...

Then went to CIMB's Bureau De Change which was located on the same floor. Girl at the counter inspected the dollar bills, accepted 4 of them, rejected one more because it was discoloured. Asked her where on earth am I supposed to sell that note, she said maybe I should try my luck at Bank Negara Malaysia. In the end, I manage to get RM 1235 for the $400 I had exchanged. Not bad, at least I was able to sell off the old bank notes. 

the rejected dollar bill *sigh*

Note to self : Be thankful, at least they accepted $400 instead of rejecting it.

~ fin ~

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