Friday, 11 September 2015

Gift From Above

They came from above,
spreading joy and the true meaning of love,
little cupids of heaven some would say,
for they are cute and adorable,
yet mischievous and playful in every sense,
the world is a place filled with fantasy for them...

They run here and there,
not bothered about the chaos outside,
their smile will melt your heart,
for they grin like cute little cherubs,
with a charm that eliminates your sorrow away,
and fills your soul with warmth and happiness....

What is life without them?
A moment devoid of them,
is like an unfulfilled prayer,
thank Him every second you look into their eyes,
for the gift He had send forth into your life,
the gift from above that brightened your life....

Take a moment and create memories,
talk with them and laugh with them,
cherish every second for it could never be replaced,
give them hugs and let them feel loved,
listen to every words they say,
for it’s from the soul that rejoices your life...

~ a.r.k ~


  1. 'Thank Him every second you look into their eyes' - hell yeah! for not having one... Hallelujah!