Sunday, 27 September 2015

Heaven Is...Being With You...

Dear Munchkin,

You said let's see who will go up first, and I told you that I wish to leave this world before you do, because life wouldn't be the same if you're not around.

I wish I could gaze into your beautiful eyes for the rest of my life, so please don't leave me alone and go up first. 

Life might be beautiful when I live it for myself, but you make it a paradise by being there in my life.

I wish to see you when you're 70, and say you're still cute, because I know I am "sampat", and I will always be your "sampat" bear.

Yours always,
Honey Bear.


  1. No one is going up YET. Just shut up and LIVE.

  2. which one goes up first doesn't matter as that is the work of god,just live to the fullest:D