Friday, 4 September 2015

Tale Of The Apple Seed

About 8 weeks back, while I was having a "pink crisp" variety of apple as a post workout snack, I've noticed that one of the seed within it had sprouted. Out of curiosity, I quickly did an online search for articles regarding the process of apple seed germination. and got to know that it's easy to grow it once the seed had sprouted. On a second thought, I pondered if it's possible for the poor plant to survive our tropical heat. Moments later, I've made up my mind to try my luck, and gave the sprouted seed to my dad since he was pretty much excited with the idea of trying to grow an apple tree at home.

After 8 weeks, here's how the plant looks now...

Despite getting constant attacks from bugs, the plant is still surviving, and it has adapted well to the crazy Malaysian weather  =)

Let's see how big this fella would grow after a year.

Can't wait to harvest apples !! yay !! 


  1. Apples!!! *clap*clap*clap*

    1. yup, sweet apples, hope to harvest them next year :D