Saturday, 19 December 2015

That Feeling

My fingers felt your soft hair, as we kissed, our tongues touched, the taste of your saliva, then I looked into your beautiful eyes, and whispered words of love, bite your ears softly, kissed your neck, went down, licked your nipples, brushed my beard on your chest, and your tummy, you moaned, then moved up and we kissed again.

My hands slowly went down, touched your balls, then your huge rod, you gave a naughty smile, I went down, licked your balls, then played with your huge rod, in and out it went inside my mouth, the taste of your precum, my tongue played along, my fingers slowly making way into your tight hole, you moaned, and it was a sweet sound to my ears, I felt happy, knowing that you're enjoying it.

Slowly I went down, and licked your hole, I could see the ecstatic feeling you're experiencing, I wanted to satisfy you, before I do it.

I looked into your eyes, I smiled, my chocolate rod was rock hard. We kissed as I slowly entered your tight hole, you moaned, your hands grabbed my butt.

"I love you", whispered into your ears, as I pushed slowly, enjoying every moment, knowing I have to be slow for my baby bunny to enjoy.

In and out it went, the feeling was....Maybe this is why the heavenly beings envied humans ? For they couldn't get the same sexual pleasure humans experience ? I don't know.

Then I woke up, it was 3.30 in the morning.

Just a wet dream, but I smiled as I grabbed my chocolate rod, remembering the sweet memories, and continued to satisfy myself, thinking about you.

The sweet memories of making love with a lovely boy, a boy so lovely, that even the angels would envy him, for his boyish charming looks.

First,I fell in love with your beautiful heart, and then I fell in love with your beautiful eyes, and that heart melting smile, and finally, I fell in love again with your lovely body.

That feeling...

" the madness of love is the greatest of heavenly blessing " ~ Plato ~