Saturday, 4 June 2016

Thank You

I came out of the office during tea break to check on you, something which I usually do on working days during break time, just to look at my phone and check if you had posted any updates, or to simply send you a message or a sticker just to kacau you, and go through the selfies you had sent to me.

It's a ritual which I never fail to do, something I would say as my "me time" at office, to simply sit down alone, to just look at your pictures in my phone for few minutes, remembering our moments together, a ritual to break the daily stress at office.

Well, no matter how dull my day is, looking at your smile always lightens me up.

But I wasn't expecting anything from you that day, as I know you're busy with work.

Then the notification appeared after I switched on my phone.

"Baby Bunny sent a photo".

I looked and pondered what it could be.

Maybe a selfie ? Or perhaps the picture of the lunch you had.

With excitement in my heart, I quickly opened the message thread.

And I looked at the picture, just kept looking at it with a smile.

You always know how to touch my heart deeply.

I never expected you to send me this picture, but it really means a lot to me.

Means a lot, because it shows you're happy with the little things I do, or small efforts I put to see you smile.

Thank you Bunny, 
for filling my heart with love and happiness....

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