Saturday, 4 June 2016

Smell Like Love

Your back was facing me,you pulled my hand and placed it on your chest as we cuddled, and I wrapped my other hand around you, feeling the warmth of your body.

The scent of your skin, no dear, wasn't the CK you used, it's just, how do I even explain it ?

The scent of milk ? No dear, I am not lying, it's true, you don't have body odor issues, in fact, even your sweat smells sweat, and nope, I'm not covering things up because I love you, it's just true.

I know a lot of people have body odor issues, but you have none, honestly, remember the moment I tend to put my face on your armpit ? Nope, not smelly, it smells sweet.

I just love doing it whenever we cuddle, every time my nose hits your soft skin, I take a deep breath rejoicing in your skin's sweet scent.

You smell like love.

Yes you do.

Love you piggy boy.

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