Sunday, 17 April 2016


I still remember that beautiful smile of yours the first time I saw you, how lovely you looked with that blue shirt and black pants, I still remember how your hands felt the first time I touched them.

I still remember everything.

Slowly, I began to understand you, the more I understood, the deeper I felt that you're part of me, a long lost puzzle that I had been waiting for a very long time. I knew at that moment that I should never give up on you.

You were scared, but I never gave up, because I know you're precious.

Days passed by quickly, looking back, I've realized that day by day, I'm loving you more and more.

Day by day, you fill my heart with warmth and care, you fill my soul with love, slowly, you've healed all my scars within, and I have forgotten about my bitter past.

Every morning, I wake up with a smile, knowing you're there for me, thanking God for bringing you into my life, every night, I go to bed, thanking for another day, for the memories made together.

I'm so proud of you, knowing how beautiful you're inside and out, that kind heart that I adore and love, I feel so lucky, knowing there won't be anyone more perfect than you, I feel blessed, knowing I've found my true love.

I smile when my colleagues tell me how cute and handsome you're, I smile when my gay friends say that you're hot, and that they're jealous of me because I'm your guy, that at times, I ponder what I had done to deserve you in my life, you made my life so beautiful, you've completed me.

To my lovely, cute and handsome Ah Beng,

I know you're not good at expressing your feelings, and although you're not good at it, but you always made me feel special, the way you treat me, how you care about me, those little things you do, things you say, I know you love me truly baby, but what you told me when we cuddled yesterday, those words, I never expected them, and I will never forget them, you've touched me so deeply.

Thank you for everything my love.

Bear bear will love you always.


  1. Ah Beng is the brown bear? So cute!

    1. =.=" ah beng is my guy lah, hahaha

  2. Replies
    1. will do, thanks for dropping by, your name sounds familiar by the way, are you a blogger as well ?