Sunday, 3 April 2016

Slept Like A Baby

He was sound asleep, with his face on the left side of my chest, and his left hand on the right side of my chest.

My face brushed against his hair, I kissed his forehead and continued looking at him.

It was already half an hour, and despite the heat, he slept like a baby on me.

I carefully tilted my head downwards towards him, hoping I wouldn't wake him up, and continued to gaze at him.

I was tired as I had few sleepless nights before, but it didn't stop me from staying awake, it didn't stop me from cherishing the moment, those precious moments of being with him.

It didn't matter to me, although he was asleep, it felt intimate, a simple act of just looking at someone you love who's asleep on you, sometimes it's not always about sex, intimate moments aren't necessarily physical all the time.

It was kinda cute, watching him asleep.

He slept like a baby.

Love is beautiful.

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