Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An Ode to the Society That Nearly Destroyed Me....

have you ever asked yourself ?
how people tend to label us for what we do...
how they label us when we feel we are doing the right thing....
how the society judge us,
and look at us for how we think, or what we believe in...
for years I had been suffering,
for years I had kept quiet,
the society wrecked my mind,
they clouded my judgements,
they poisoned my soul,
they have done everything they could,
trying their best to destroy what I was inside,
in order to create a “new” me,
based on their thoughts and expectations,
for years i wept inside,
assuming the Truth doesn’t exist,
wondering why people are tormenting me,
for all the good things I tried to do,
whenever tried I do good things,
people said I had hidden agendas,
they said I do good things with evil intentions,
when I saved stray animals or feed them,
people said I was trying to gain cheap publicity,
when I talked about human trafficking and sexual slavery,
people said my mind was filled with dirty things,
when I told them I avoid pornography,
people said I am going to become a monk,
when I befriend gay guys,
people said I was curious about my own sexuality,
when I befriend lesbian girls,
people said no girls want me,
so I am trying my luck with lesbians,
when I befriend Atheists,
people said I am going to become a demon like them,
and they claim I will go to hell,
when I stopped going to temples here locally,
because I felt it was rather a money minded institution,
people claim I couldn’t see or feel God’s presence,
because my mind was filled with sinful thinking,
when I read ancient texts,
they said I was pretending to be saintly,
when I loved my parents unconditionally,
they said I was trying to impress my parents,
because their wealth was important to me,
they said if my parents were poor folks,
I would have left them long ago,
when I did my TESL degree,
people said that was an easy course,
and they said I wasn’t smart to become a doctor or an engineer,
they said...
they said...
they said...
they said I was wrong,
they said they were right,
because I didn’t do things which satisfied their beliefs,
because I didn’t do things according to social norms,
they said I was disobeying the Truth,
they said the Truth is angry with me,
because I have done something bad against the Truth,
I suffered because the society clouded my judgements,
I was rather living a life trying to please others,
but Truth never kept quiet,
Truth knew the time was coming,
to put an end to my suffering,
and then it came out of nowhere,
now I know the Truth is within me,
nobody would understand me,
the society would never understand me,
but I don’t mind,
because I know that the Truth alone understands me,
nothing but happiness,
nothing but love,
nothing but peace of mind,
I am now living a beautiful life......

I don’t believe in race....
I don’t believe in religion...
I don’t believe in nations...
I don’t believe in sexual orientation...
I don’t believe in any man made barriers...
I believe in a supreme soul,
that resides within all of us,
feel the Truth within,
talk to the Truth within,
observe every moment of your life,
and realise that everything is connected,
we are all connected,
and we are all part of this beautiful universe...

My God is love, and sweetly suffers all......

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