Saturday, 3 September 2016

My Poetry

Everyone on the highway would have enjoyed a beautiful sunset that evening, but I didn't. I looked at you from time to time while driving. Sorry Bee, I know I have to concentrate on driving, but I just couldn't resist the beauty I was looking at beside me. You wouldn't have noticed, you were looking on the side, and you were tired after a day of travelling together, yet, did you know how lovely your brown eyes looked when the dusk's ray fell upon it ? It was so beautiful, that I don't think words could describe it, and I took a quick look on you from time to time, trying to remember that moment, trying to treasure that moment inside my heart.

No Bee, please don't say I'm being cheesy, you wouldn't understand, I'm just like that, I don't really take time to say things to you, whenever I say things like "you look lovely when you give that bunny smile" or "you look really adorable in yellow shirt", I don't say it to simply sweet talk, but those are honest words that come from my heart. 

Sometimes, when we are together, there are a lot of things you do that I really adore, sometimes I wish I could express it to you in words, but at times, you tend to become shy, and you would stop talking to me, or even when we message, when I try to put those beautiful moments into words, you would start to ignore me by sending multiple stickers, and so, I try not to say it, but rather keep them inside me.

But believe me, you're indeed my poetry. Have you ever wondered why do I simply gaze at you while smiling, without saying any words ? Or have you ever noticed how I simply turn to look at you while we are inside the car at traffic stops ? Or would you know why I never slept when we cuddle on the bed, even when you fall asleep ? I always observe you quietly, and everything that you do, creates poetry in my mind. Every moment spent with you is precious, and each of those moments are cherished deep within my heart.

The way you eat those kaya puffs, do you know how cute you look when you enjoy every bit of those puffs, or the movement of your lips, or do you know how your eyes move when you enjoy the food you are eating ? Or the special way you drink from a cup, it's hard to explain by words Bee, but everything that you do, turns into beautiful memories, and makes me adore you in many ways.

The way you move your feet on the beach, which showed how happy you were. The way you pull my hands around you when we cuddle. The way you kiss me. How lovely your smooth skin feels after you shower, or that coolness that comes when I hug you from the back after you come out from the shower, and the warmth of your body that follows, or how you giggle when my beard tickles your neck.

Even when we cuddle, if you fall asleep, I would gently take your hand, feel the smoothness of your hands, sometimes I place your hands on my face, then I would kiss your fingers, sometimes I would gently stroke your eye brows, then I would stare at your lovely lips.

Do you know how I smile the moment my eyes see you from far as you walk towards me whenever I pick you up ? No matter how bad the day was, I will forget about everything, and instantly there would be a smile on my face, why ? Because it's you.

Do you know how excited I get, whenever we are going to spend time together, that I could barely sleep the night before we are about to be together ? Yes, I know love, you might say I'm crazy, and I know it's going to be a year, but don't forget, you're special, and you're my everything, so no matter how long we are together, even if we stay together in the future, I would be looking forward to wake up beside you the next morning, just to kiss you good morning.

Do you know how lovely you look when you wake up with those sleepy eyes looking at me ?

You're my poetry, you gave me a lot of beautiful memories, and filled my heart with love.

Thank you for everything Bee.

bear bear.

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