Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Valentine

I looked at you as you were asleep beside me, I was tired but I didn't want to close my eyes. Why would I waste those precious moments falling asleep, when we don't really spend time together often.

I looked at you, you look lovely even when you're asleep, I gently brushed my fingers against your hair, hoping I wouldn't wake you up.

Those thick eye brows, that cute nose, those rosy lips, I admired them as you were asleep.

Then I looked at your neck, and slowly gazed upon your body downwards, I put my hands on your waist, and felt the softness of your fair skin, then you turned around, and I continued to admire your beauty.

I looked at your ears, then rejoiced my eyes upon the beauty of your lovely boyish body, then looked down at your cute bubble butt, although you deny and tell me you don't really have a bubble butt, but you seriously do have a nice bubbly ass that really turns me on.

Then you turned around again and put your arms around me, slowly you opened your lovely eyes, and looked at me.

And I continued to gaze at a lovely angel that was beside me.

Sometimes I wonder, how lucky I'm, that despite all the flaws I have, you still love me.

You're lovely just the way you are dear.

I love you, and will always do.

Happy Valentine's Day, my love  <3


  1. So erotic that it made me fantasise!!

    1. are you sure it's this post, or the previous one ? hahaha ;p